About us

Uxbridge Loaves and Fishes Food Bank was opened in 1989 by Uxbridge residents Bob and Dorothy Enkel. Uxbridge Loaves & Fishes is a community based agency serving the needs of Uxbridge Township.

We are a charitable, non profit organization led by a volunteer Board of Directors who work alongside a dedicated group of volunteers. Our team of over 45 individuals spends more then 150 hours each month helping to put food on the table of over 125 local families.  Our mission is to put nutritious food in the hands of those in need within our community.  We are strongly supported by the generous donations from individuals, local businesses, churches, schools and service clubs in Uxbridge and the surrounding communities.

Our clients include singles, couples and families with children from all walks of life, as well as people on disability and seniors with limited resources.

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